The Lucky Ones

As a parent we are constantly criticizing ourselves. Wondering if our parenting styles and disciplines are the right ones, and if the decisions we make today are going to affect our kids in ten years. Parenthood is a scary thing, especially if you are new at it. Every move we make they are watching and taking in. Every word we speak they are copying and repeating.

Sometimes I see those parents with three or four kids and they just look so comfortable, so at ease. I wonder how they do it? Do I need to have that many kids to feel more confident as a parent, to be more resilient?

One thing that helped me to become a better parent was joining all the mom/baby/tot groups out there available to us. Life With a Baby group offers tons of amazing programs for new and expecting parents. LWAB offers support for all parents with children ages 0-6, offering programs even for expectant parents. It’s truly amazing how many other parents are going through the same things, and I can’t stress how important it is to have interaction and be able to network with those who are. The first program I joined was called Parenting Confidently, I learned a lot of important information from infant nutrition to intro to CPR and still am close with a few of the mums I met through it. The program really helped me do just that, parent confidently.

Being a parent is one of the hardest and more rewarding jobs ever. It’s really the only job where you wear the hat of about 50 different things in one. It can be overwhelming and stressful at times, but these days we are so lucky to be able to have all the resources and information at our fingertips, including organizations such as LWAB that offer programs and resources from conception and beyond.

Right now Life With a Baby is getting ready to launch their 2012 Building Resilience in Parents and Children Conference. This informational event is open to all parents, caregivers and professionals who are looking to gain knowledge and build resilience in themselves, their children or those they care for. Sounds intriguing doesn’t it?

There will be several known speakers there to talk about some topics including: Gaining a better understanding of self-regulation, resilience and attachment in young children., better understand parenting behaviors cross culturally, and acquire practical tips and strategies for positive parenting. All topics I can assure you we could all gain from as parents.

Events such as this one are why more and more parents, new and expecting, are gaining such great knowledge and confidence when parenting. Even though parenthood can be a scary thing at least we know there groups like Life With a Baby who care enough to help us through it by organizing such amazing events such as this, we truly are the lucky ones.

Don’t miss out! If you would like to attend please visit to learn more information and sign up!!

About the Author:
Madeline Soleil Alaouze is currently a stay at home mom to her little one year old girl Audrina. She has recently entered the social media world as an online community manager and mommy blogger and couldn’t be happier with where life has taken her! You can read more about her story, experiences, insights and advice as a new mum through her blog


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