Summer Essentials

When I had a baby I knew I would need to bring essentials with me-diapers, wipes, cream, and bottles. But, I never realized the amount of essentials I would need to bring with me! I feel like I have become a pack rat- in a good way. With a baby I have learned to expect the unexpected.  If baby is dressed in a pretty pink dress chances are after a snack or a meal she will be filthy and will need a change of clothes. Since the summer has begun and the weather is amazing I have found that the trunk of our SUV is packed with baby items.

Splash Pads- These are popping up all over the city now. So I am constantly prepared if we happen to stumble upon one while we are out! I always make sure to have a towel, two swim diapers (one is fine, but two just in case) and a bathing suit. My daughter isn’t walking yet but some sort of water shoe is always useful.  Make sure you have an extra outfit for mom or dad just in case you get wet while you are playing with your little one in the splash pad. You want to make sure you are prepared for yourself too!

Parks- Like a splash pad you just never know when you might end up in a park. I went to the dollar store at the beginning of the summer and purchased a really cute shovel and pail set. I also leave a large blanket in the trunk just in case we happen to have an impromptu snack or picnic in a park

Lunch Box/Cooler Bag- We have been traveling up north quite a bit and I purchased a great cooler bag from a grocery store that has a zipper on the top. Lunch Boxes are great if you are out for a quick outing to keep foods cool especially in this heat! It keeps baby’s bottles cool and ensures that my water bottle stays cold too! They also work great to store fresh fruits and veggies that you find at roadside stands for the trip home J

By the Lake-Seeing that baby cannot swim unattended I purchased a lifejacket for her at the beginning of the summer. This lifejacket has been used a few times and is fun for the pool or lake! You will always be prepared for any last minute boat rides or just hanging out by the lake. Flutterboards, noodles and other pool toys are always fun to have in the car to add some extra enjoyment in the water.

Stroller- this is a permanent fixture in my trunk. I cannot go anywhere without it! I go between two strollers and I tend to have my heavy dutier stroller in the trunk just in case we happen upon a great trail for a nice family walk.

Sun protection- Obviously I always have sunscreen for me and baby,  and a hat. I also now carry an extra sunshade for baby, and a thin receiving blanket to cover baby if needed from the sun.  I can now admit that I didn’t understand the need of those UV suits or rash guard suits. Now I couldn’t image not having them. When it is so hot I can rest assure that baby is well protected from the sun when wearing one.

Toys- I have started to keep a big bouncy ball in the trunk. It has come in handy many times when we have ended up at a park. It’s a great time filler and baby loves playing “catch”. I also have some books and some other small toys that baby enjoys.

Extras-I always have an extra summer outfit as well as an outfit for cooler days as well as a light blanket to cover baby if needed.

Whew. Sounds like my car is packed to the brim with all of these items. Actually, my car doesn’t look that full but I know I am prepared for anything that might come our way this summer!!!

What are your summer must-have items????

About the Author:
FSCN1830.JPGRenee Kaiman is a mom of an almost 10 month old girl who is mobile and keeps her on her toes. Their days are filled with playing chase, peek-a-boo, play dates, music classes and the occasional nap. When Renee has a few minutes she enjoys blogging and drinking coffee. You can read about it all on her blog


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