Wearing Your Baby

I had never really thought too much about baby wearing until a friend gave me a handmade wrap at my baby shower.  I was really overwhelmed with how long the wrap was and wasn’t sure how to use it.  So I took to the internet to start my research.

As I researched the different types of holds/carries I could do with a wrap I quickly became obsessed with all of the beautiful fabrics and different types of baby carriers on the market.  I decided to purchase a few different kinds and will tell you which I liked and why.


I loved a wrap for the infant stage, basically it mimicked the way my son liked to sleep on my chest but my hands were free to do things around the house.  I loved using the wrap while out and about so that I didn’t have to lug a heavy car seat with me.  Also, when the baby’s “witching hour” would come, all I had to do was wrap him on my and he would quickly fall asleep!

Wraps come in many different fabrics, stretchy fabrics are good for smaller babies in front carries but you should use a stronger fabric for bigger babies or back carries.

Pouch Slings

Once my son gained good head control, around 4 months old, I started using this type of carrier.  I could carry him on my hip wherever we went.  This was absolutely my favourite go-to carrier for most of the first year of my son’s life.


Ring Slings

This is not one of my favourite carriers but a lot of people like them.  They are great because they are adjustable to pretty much any body type or size.


Soft Structured Carriers

This was the final addition to my arsenal of baby carriers.  There are many types of these carriers on the market and each have their advantages and disadvantages, you really need to do your own research about what you think will work for you as they can get a bit pricey.   These carriers are great because they have a lot of support for you and the baby and are easy to use as there is no wrapping involved, just buckles.


When it comes to wearing your baby there are some basic safety rules that should be followed and not all carriers are created equally, you really need to do your research before committing to a carrier.  To see more about safety please visit this website: http://surreyandhantsslinglibrary.wordpress.com/babywearing-safety/

Baby wearing has many advantages and might help make your life easier!  With my second baby on the way any day now I can already tell he’ll be worn a lot so that I have free hands to chase after my 2.5 year old!

I highly recommend giving it a try and see if you can borrow carriers from friends before committing to a purchase.  I have a large stash that I’m always loaning out or demonstrating for friends!

About the Author:

Gillian is a Doula and working mom to her 2-year-old son Corin and is expecting another little boy ANY day now!  She is a “crunchy” mama who is into homebirth, breastfeeding, baby-led weaning, cloth diapers, delayed vaccinations, extended rear-facing car seats, and babywearing.


One response to “Wearing Your Baby

  1. I love baby wearing! I have a Moby wrap that my husband loves but I find to be too much of a pain, so I got the Baby K’tan and I love it! It’s way easier to put on, put baby in, and less bulky. I don’t know how I would have gotten solo grocery shopping done without wearing my daughter as she wouldn’t stand for being in her carseat in the stroller for very long. I didn’t much like the ring sling I have and the soft structured carrier was nice until Charlie wanted nothing more to do with it (I think it was her chunky thighs being too big for the non-adjustable holes).


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