What People Don’t Tell You…

While I was pregnant, people would say “make sure you sleep before baby comes”. So, I slept. Well, I tried to sleep. Pretty much starting at 8 weeks pregnant I couldn’t sleep on my stomach anymore. My chest size doubled pretty fast and I was just so uncomfortable. So I tried to sleep. But people didn’t tell me to do a lot of other things that I felt I should have been doing. In retrospect, I wish that friends, coworkers, parents, and grandmas should (could) have been sharing their knowledge and secrets about what to do prior to having a baby. Sure my husband and I went to a lot of tennis matches before baby came which is such an amazing memory for us, but once there is another person who is taking over your life 24/7 you will miss those days when you get home from work, nap until you woke up, and ate gourmet home-cooked meals.

Here is MY list of things to do before baby comes!

  1. Spend a day pampering yourself. You don’t have to go to a fancy spa to do it either. Get a manicure, a pedicure, get a haircut. Once baby arrives there will be no time to do this! Blow-drying my hair is now a luxury so enjoy it as much as you can beforehand.
  2. Go see a movie. I only saw one movie while I was pregnant and had someone told me to do so I probably would have gone to see more. I went to one of those mom and baby movie afternoons, but it’s not the same. So see a movie, eat your popcorn and enjoy being able to drift off into another world.
  3. Clear your reading list. I have not read a book since last summer. I went to the library and took out two books assuming now that baby is older I would be able to read them but I only got through 10 pages of the first chapter of the first book! My reading list is ever growing and my “ME” times seems to be shrinking…so preggo ladies, read up!
  4. Spend a day or two cook and freeze your favourite meals. Yes, people are very kind the first few weeks when baby is born bringing meals and snacks, but after that times dies down, take-out gets boring and expensive FAST. Freeze and labels meals clearly, and if you can, attach the cooking directions so anyone can help prepare the meal!
  5. Collect your favourite recipes and compile them in one area. I never really use recipes, but it would be nice to have one centralized location when I am able to make dinner to find something I enjoy eating (and cooking) in a mere minute.
  6. Enjoy some time with your friends. Once baby arrives people don’t want to see you anymore. The fact is they need to see you in order to see baby, their main goal is to see baby. So spend time with good friends laughing, eating, and reminiscing because it won’t be happening for a while!
  7. Get yourself two pairs of wonderful pajamas. You will have so many visitors coming through to see baby, and you might not feel like always getting dressed up to see them. If you have two decent pairs of PJs you can at least greet your guests, hand them the baby, and go catch some shuteye.
  8. Most of all if you have a partner spend time with them. The beginning is a lot of shift work with baby. One parent sleeping and the other with baby and vice-versa. Do something you enjoy together, take a trip (we planned and booked a vacation  two days prior to me finding out I was pregnant) to make memories as your last time as two, play a game, watch TV and just be together.

For those of you who are parents already what is something that you wish you did prior to having a baby? If you are pregnant what is something you plan on doing before baby’s arrival?

FSCN1830.JPGRenee Kaiman is a mom of an almost 10 month old girl who is mobile and keeps her on her toes. Their days are filled with playing chase, peek-a-boo, play dates, music classes and the occasional nap. When Renee has a few minutes she enjoys blogging and drinking coffee. You can read about it all on her blog http://mysocalledmommylife.wordpress.com/


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