Why Midwives Are Awesome

One of the best decisions I made when I got pregnant was to be under the care of a midwife. Midwives are wonderful, wonderful people who truly care about each and every woman’s birth experience. They listen to your needs, your fears, your hopes, and everything else in between. They get to know you, and they listen to you. Whether you want to have a hospital birth, a home birth, an epidural, or all natural, they support you.

When I found out I was pregnant I went to my family doctor, and all she pretty much said to me was “don’t go downhill skiing”. Downhill skiing was the last thing on my mind at that point in time(plus it was July!)..this didn’t help me much. I quickly sought out a midwife. My sister had the same midwife for two of her children, which made me feel I was in good hands. Each of my appointments were lengthy because you could talk about everything under the sun. You talk about the birth experience you want, and how to get there. They help you get there.

I’ll admit that before I got pregnant the thought of a home birth scared me. What if something happened? Would we get to the hospital on time? But it soon dawned on me that, hello!! My body was designed to do this!! It would be quite strange if the female body was designed to be on the brink of death every time it gave birth. Most women are low-risk, and don’t need extreme measures to have a baby. It is great that those resources are there though in the small chance that we might need them.

When I went into labour the first thing that we did was call 2-4-1 Pizza. Yes that’s right. My husband, in a panic, called the pizza place instead of the midwives by mistake. What a cutie. When the midwives got to our house my husband started filling up the birthing pool. The pool was glorious. As soon as I stepped in I felt significantly better. I couldn’t recommend it more. After the novelty wore off though, moving around was necessary. I’m glad I was at home and able to walk around wherever I wanted, and be totally at ease in the comfort of my own home. Well, not completely at ease 😉 Another thing that appealed to me was that I would be able to deliver my baby in any position that felt natural to me. Laying on your back, as they have you do in the hospital, is actually a very unnatural position for giving birth, and doesn’t position your pelvis the right way. Having said that, I ended up delivering while on my back.

I was in labour for 8 hours before I gave birth to my sweet baby girl. It was the most amazing experience, especially to be able to welcome her to the world in our home. Had it not been for my midwives this wouldn’t have been possible. I am forever grateful to them, their expertise, and their encouragement that I could do this.

Homebirth isn’t for everyone though. What’s great is that the Ontario government has approved the creation of two birthing centres led by midwives. I think that this is an amazing thing. The c-section rates across the country are continuing to rise, which leads to poorer outcomes. C-section rates in women who are attended by midwives is about half of those who are under the care of obstetricians. This is a great thing!

I strongly encourage everyone to look into the midwifery care available in your area….psst they’re covered by OHIP! You won’t be sorry!

About the Author:
Hi there!! My name is Rebecca and I live in Whitby, Ontario with my husband, Andrew and our 1-year-old daughter, Tallulah. I’ve recently started a natural skincare business called ThePumpkinSeed. I make and sell 100% natural skincare products out of my home. I blog about my business, life as a mom, and natural, healthy living.


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