A Mother’s Love


We’ve all heard the term a mother’s love is the strongest love of all and a mother loves her child unconditionally.

I would agree that I love my daughter unconditionally and as mom and daughter we have the strongest bond (especially since I’m her primary caregiver). but does that mean that dads do not love their kids unconditionally?

I sometimes wonder if sometimes we are not being a little unfair to dads when we assume that just because we are the mom, we automatically get the right to say we love our child more.

In my case, I’m more patient, more affectionate, more touchy feely toward Katelyn than my husband – that’s my personality. I feel I have a stronger bond with her because of the amount of time we spend together and because she is really apart of me. But I cannot say with certainty that I love her more than he does. We just display our love in different ways.

I think sometimes as first time moms we get caught up in little statements we’ve been hearing over the years and other stereotypes in the media. It does not diminish our love and our bond for our child even if we admit that other caregivers whether it’s dad or grandparents love our child just as much as we do.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this posts, even if you disagree

Happy Bonding!




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