Tips for travelling to the Caribbean with a baby

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Are you planning to travel with your baby? Is so, let start at the beginning? You will need to get a passport for your little one. If you have not already done so, you can download an application form at , or go to your nearest passport office.

First Aid Kit: One of the most important things you will need is your First Aid Kit, and it should include:
Pedialyte, in case of diarrhea and dehydration
Advil, or other pain/fever medication, whichever one your pediatrician recommends
Benadryl for allergies
Itch cream for insect bites
Thermometer – you will want to be able to do an accurate temperature check in the event your baby gets sick.
Proper medicine dropper, never estimate the amount of medication
If you use natural/homeopathic medicines, you can bring activated charcoal for relief of diarrhea for the whole family (check with your naturopath)

What to bring for a 7 day vacation in the sun

Bathing suit, that’s a given, but to reduce sun exposure, you can bring full body bathing suits that provide UVA/UVB protection

Life Jacket, if you’ve given your baby swimming lessons and you plan to put your baby in the ocean you should put a life jacket on them. You’re probably thinking why would I need a life jacket? I will be holding my baby… well let’s face it, accidents happen and if for some reason your toddler wiggled out of your hand, at least the life jacket will keep your baby above the water

UVA/UVB mosquito net and sun protection, it is HOT in Mexico, this screen is great for keeping the sun out of the face with the benefit of sun protection. When I was there a lot of moms asked me where I got it and which they had bought one. I got mine at Wal-Mart, but they are sold at sears, Dearborn, the safety superstore.

Stroller, one of the best things you can do for yourself and your baby is to bring your stroller. At the airport you can bring it right to the door of the plane and the attendants will put it on the plane after you have boarded. While you are on your vacation, your baby will be able to sleep on the beach, while you lay on a sun bed, or just while you are walking around the resort. My daughter slept a lot while we were in Mexico, I am glad I had the stroller with me, because she slept in the restaurant, at the beach, at the lobby bar… if I didn’t have my stroller I would have had to either hold her in my hand for two hours or I would have been confined to the room every time she wanted to sleep.

Extra Diapers, Let’s face it, you are taking your baby to a different environment and no one can predict how they will react to the food, so I recommend you bring extra diapers in case they have extra bowel movements that normal.

Food from home, Bring a few days worth of food for your baby/toddler, your baby may not like the food, so it’s a good idea to have food that he/she would normally eat. Check out the restaurants on arrival and plan your baby’s meals ahead of time.

Sunscreen, choose sunscreen that is low in chemicals such as “Earth’s Best” and “California baby “ brands

Get Medical Insurance – If for nothing other than peace of mind, you should definitely get medical insurance, if your child gets sick, you don’t want cost to be a factor in whether or not you call the doctor.

Remember this is your vacation, you are going to relax, so do some of these simple things ahead of time so that you don’t have too much to think about when you arrive. Just relax and enjoy paradise!

If you have any tips for travelling with a baby, please share them with us at


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