It’s 2:47am, and I’m still awake

I am really tired, but I can’t sleep… why? Well, because I’m a bubble head who had coffee at 10pm. Every Thursday night is my girls night out and usually I go for dinner or a movie with my friends. Today however, I had a lot of work to do and didn’t get it all done in time for dinner or a movie so I decided to go out with my friend to Second cup. On my way there, I told myself I was going to have herbal tea… but I walked in, looked up at the menu and decided on a medium vanilla bean latte AND chocolate brownie cheesecake – Yikes.

I got home at 11, took a nice long shower and got into bed… 11:30 I was still not asleep, I started thinking of all the things I didn’t get done, things I have to do tomorrow and became even more awake. 12am – I’m still awake so I decide to read a book to calm myself and try to fall asleep – I couldn’t concentrate on the book because my mind kept going over the things that didn’t get done and tomorrow is Friday, so if I want to be able to have a calm weekend with Denys and Katelyn I have to do it ALL tomorrow. I know I will not be able to do it all on Friday (which is actually today – now), so I decided to do some a few things – since I’m awake anyways… so I managed to get most of things that don’t require making too much noise done (because the last thing I want to do is wake up Katelyn)

Hopefully now I will be able to go upstairs and get some sleep – and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Katelyn won’t wake up until atleast 7am.

The moral to the story – don’t drink coffee at in the evening…

Why is it that when I’m really, really tired and had an exhausting day that I can’t fall asleep?


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