who is this sweet little baby looking up at me?

In the first few months of being a parent, I had many different outlooks on the experience.

I was happy, to have her in my life, happy to be able to touch and kiss and hug the little miracle that I was carrying around for the last nine months.

I was sad that I was saying goodbye to my old life and I grieved the loss of the close one on one relationship that I had with my husband

I was scared that I had this huge responsibility of taking care of a human being for the rest of my life

I was confused about decisions such as to vaccinate, use cloth diapers, use organic products, use glass bottles… so many decisions and each one seemed so important.

But most of the time, I would just wonder who is the sweet little baby and how can I make her as happy as possible while still keeping my own sense of self and still maintaining the relationship with my husband.


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