Where oh Where did the time go?

The year went by much faster than I could ever have imagined… One minute I’m setting up a blog and planning to write posts on a weekly basis… yeah right. It’s been 13 months and I’m just NOW getting myself and my life back into something resembling order. I won’t even presume to believe that I’ve got things under control again – no there is a new boss in our house and her name is Katelyn… J
So what I have been doing in the past year? Trying not to go crazy – seriously, between teething, night waking, growth spurt, teething, separation anxiety, and did I mention teething… I can’t believe they will actually fall out and I will have to go through the process again when she’s older.
Seriously, though the year has been great – full of challenges, but I guess that is what life with a baby is all about. And now matter how much you want to divorce your husband, kick him out and change the locks… don’t! It will get better, stress, sleep deprivation and the awesome responsibility of a baby will change your perception, you will become more sensitive, more moody, more clingy and dependent. I know I went through it and 100% of the moms I talk to say the same thing. Dads/boyfriends/husbands just don’t know how to deal with the emotional mess that we become so they tone us out, they become moody themselves and the fight begins about who has changed more… do yourself a favour learn to ignore them for now… in about nine months, you will either become your old self again, or your hubby will be on board, either way, the situation will resolve itself… I wish I had figured that out earlier for myself.
I’ve managed to write the a bit about each month in detail from email I sent to friends, notes I left myself and a bit of what I remember so the year in detail follows.


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