Developmental Toys – do they really work?

Toys for babies – so much to choose from, but so little money…so when it comes to developmental toys, I wonder is one brand better? so far, I have Tiny love, baby einstien, Fisher Price and Leap frog. I have a developmental Gym, blocks, sitter, swing, bouncer etc… the list really does go on and the baby is only 3 months. So do these toys do what they are proclaimed to do? or are they just targeting new moms who are over concerned about the development of thier baby?

While I was a toysrus debating whether or not to spend the extra $10 dollars to get the baby einstien brand v.s. the tiny love brand I came to my senses and realized that just because the product is branded after Einstien it doesn’t mean it has the power to make my little bundle of joy the next Einstien. So for all you new moms out there that I’m sure have gone through the same thing that I have, I say to you – get the toys that are relevant to your baby’s age and don’t break your budget to get the “best branded product” because the baby will develop just as well with the cheap brand as with the expensive brand.


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